About us

The mission for Necomitt Financial Services was envisioned in 2015. After a few years of determination and hard work, Necomitt Financial Services was established and fully registered with the state of Texas in 2017. Necomitt headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas. Our mission is simple: Here at Necomitt Financial Services, we aim to provide trustworthy, secure tax services by offering a wide variety of assistance to meet the specific needs of all individuals and small businesses. Since 2017, we have specialized in both individual and small business taxes. We take pride in our flexibility and security that makes us stand out from our local competitors. In order to better serve our customers, we have branched out our services to include rendering other financial services such as corporate operation consultation, life insurance counselling, policy design and assessment in order for them to accomplish their set goals. In offering a wide variety of services, we have successfully established our presence in the tax industry. Jeffrey Cole, the CEO of Necomitt Financial Services, has elevated our company by establishing his expertise in the tax industry by continuing to develop new ideas and approaches. With over 12 years of experience working in the tax industry, Jeffrey has propelled the company to a high level of excellence within the industry. In the near future, we plan to be among the leading tax services in the country. By 2030, our goal is to expand our business to have multiple locations spanning across the U.S.> To learn more about what we do, subscribe to our daily blog. You can also follow us on Facebook for further information.